There is amassing positivity and excitement buzzing around Bangkok property market. Rumours are rife and spreading with more credence daily surrounding the prospect of after one year, Thailand will be reopening. Already lock down measures have been lifted to near normal levels of life around the city. Whilst temperatures are still checked and the app is used to register people in and out of places shopping centres, bars, clubs and other nightlife areas are reopening. On top of this, the rumour that quarantine free travel will be able to happen from June 1st 2021 has led to a surge of purchases and sales.
With many people expecting a large dip in the property market in 2021, buyers have been largely disappointed while the owners still content to hold on to inventory and look at completing investment gains before moving property on. Now with the expected arrivals to begin from June, there is even further hope that the luxury and mid property markets can continue to strengthen further throughout Q2 of 2021.
Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, The Ritz Carlton Bangkok and The Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski have all seen a rise in sales especially in resale with only limited units being left available on the market. Riverside properties have certainly been active at the start of the year. However one question still remains for the Bangkokonians, when will the travellers return and when can people leave? With the vaccine on the way it is imperative that anyone wishing to travel must set aside the conspiracy theories and information being passed around and realise the fact that most countries will not allow access without a vaccine record. Thailand is expected to be a country that allows travel to take place freely for the vaccinated.
So what to do if you want to be vaccinated in Thailand:
There are 8 steps that you must complete in order to get vaccinated see below:
Go along to a participating hospital (hospitals still not confirmed)
1. Card registration;
2. Height and Weight measurements taken;
3. Timeline, risk assessment, screening and waiver agreement signed in regards to the vaccine;
4. Wait for the vaccination injection;
5. Receive injection;
6. Observe symptoms for 30 minutes, scan official Line account ‘Mor Prom’;
7. Receive guideline documents for after vaccine advice;
8. Complete health assessment for after effects of the vaccine and follow up with the official Line account.
With the vaccine and other measures, Bangkok will be back and the super luxury market will open up with up to 5 million Chinese expected arrivals by the end of the year. That coupled with the other 5 million arrivals from around the world, exciting times lay ahead for all those involved in property investments. For more information regarding the vaccine process click here.

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