Good Place To Live in 2023; Asia’s top landing spots include Thailand. Thailand’s Kingdom is a unique and alluring nation. It provides a distinctive fusion of classical and cutting-edge design. Thailand’s high quality of life is attributed to its royal coastal resorts with beaches, hi-tech metropolises, modern cities, fields of tropical fruits, reputation for warm hospitality, and opulent mountains. Incredibly large parks can be found throughout Thailand. 

Thailand is a country where you can reside comfortably in a variety of urban areas. The cost of living in Thailand is $3,000 per month. You have a lot of options in Thailand. They showcase luxurious and contemporary living, as well as adventurous rural living styles. Thai cuisine is not only flavorful but also reasonably priced, allowing you to eat whatever you want within your means. Probably every city, town, and village has some of the best street food. 


Good Place To Live in 2023

Living in Thailand is a beneficial and a good place to live in 2023. In Thailand, there are desirable areas for families to live. Thailand offers a range of affordable and luxurious living options, so you can choose where you want to live. These Thailand landing spots are among the most well-liked by foreign visitors. 

Bangkok: Good Place To Live in 2023

Good Place To Live in 2023

Thailand’s capital city is Bangkok a Good Place To Live in 2023. Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, is home to more than 14 million people. Bangkok is a city that exemplifies modern living with its cutting-edge metropolis. Bangkok has a beautiful appearance thanks to its abundance of skyscraper buildings, large, modern shopping malls, and skytrains. In Bangkok, there are also some traditional markets and parks. Bangkok exemplifies the urban lifestyle, and some people choose to reside here in order to enjoy it. However, some foreigners reside in Bangkok for commercial and professional purposes. 

Thailand’s best private hospitals and medical professionals are located in Bangkok. Foreigners who reside in Bangkok appreciate how reasonably priced healthcare is. Affordable medical care is available, and it is of high quality. 

Chiang Mai: Good Place To Live in 2023

Chiang Mai is situated close to northern Thailand’s foothills. Chiang Mai is well known for having a large number of Buddhist temples. These temples have been in existenceDue to its tranquility and historic district, Chiang Mai is home to a wide variety of foreign residents.  historic area. Compared to Bangkok, Chiang Mai is a more affordable place to live.

Thailand’s city showcases all lifestyles and draws visitors and foreign business partners with its wide range of opportunities. Teachers, retirees, owners of small businesses, and a host of other professions run prosperous and viable businesses in Thailand.  

In Chiang Mai, there are outstanding restaurants, first-run movie theaters, and ultra-modern malls with western-style merchandise Chiang Mai offers excellent hospitality at reasonable costs as well as cost-effective medical care. Since Chiang Mai is in the north, hiking and camping are popular activities in some of the mountainous areas. The sky was ablaze with flaming lanterns during the Loy Krathong festival. Other fantastic festivals where various flower parades are displayed is the flower festival in Chiang Mai also occur. 

Hua Hin: Good Place To Live in 2023

Thailand’s Hua Hin, also known as the Royal Beach Resort Town, is a city. In comparison to other Thai cities, this one has a smaller budget. Foreigners can live comfortably in Hua Hin, a seaside town in Thailand. In Hua Hin, there are also a growing number of eateries offering a wide variety of foods for tourists.

Since Hua Hin is known as a royal beach resort, it has many stunning and immaculate beaches. Additionally, Hua Hin has international hospitals. Additionally, Hua Hin has golf courses and water sports facilities. A night market that sells inexpensive bags and various Thai handicrafts is located in Hua Hin. 

The Thailand International Kite Festival is one of the most well-known festivals in Hua Hin. This festival is held close to the beach where kite flying is popular. The Hua Hin Jazz Festival is also held there, where attendees can listen to local and international musicians. Another well-known festival in Hua Hin is the car rally. 



Good Place To Live in 2023, Thailand is an incredibly beautiful country in Southeast Asia. Thailand is roughly the same size as California. Thailand offers white-sand beaches, a variety of mouthwatering Thai cuisines, and a number of well-known festivals. Life in Thailand seems like a dream come true  Despite the fact that living in Thailand seems to be the best and simplest life possible, there are some drawbacks. 

PROS Of living in Thailand:

Culturally diverse neighborhood: 

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Thailand presents foreigners with business opportunities to exploit. Additionally, there are recent expats arriving to Thailand who are going through the same experience of moving to a foreign country. There are clubs and events that are held where you can easily meet people and discover a lot about that nation. 

Thai cuisine:

Thai cuisine or Thai food is well-known due to its well-known dishes. Thai cuisine makes excellent use of spices, sweetness, and salt in their dishes. Vegetarian foods are also offered in Thailand. Thai food is spicy, but some restaurants offer Thai spice and foreign spice that is flavoured to appeal to expats. 

Friendly people:

If you’ve ever lived in Thailand, you’ve probably noticed how many locals are willing to assist you in finding something or communicate with you effectively. The locals will assist you in picking up the appropriate manners. Expats can access some VIP services to help them understand or in any other way. 


Lots to do:

Thailand is a place where travel opportunities are endless. Bars, clubs, and parties are available all night long in Thailand. In Thailand, there are numerous night markets with open-late retail establishments. additional outdoor pursuits like hiking, camping, and ocean diving. Old temples and art galleries are a couple of the historical locations worth visiting. The Song Kran, or Thai New Year, celebration, is one of Thailand’s most well-known festivals. In honor of this event, there is a nationwide water fight lasting 3 – 7 days. 


Affordable living costs:

Low-cost or reasonably-priced living can be found in Thailand. Thailand offers you to live on 3000 dollar a month. Thailand’s native products, such as food and gasoline, are inexpensive. Because trains and taxis are inexpensive, exploring Thailand must be viewed as being very affordable. Expats can easily travel on a limited budget. 


Cons of living in Thailand:


Climate extremes:

Living in Thailand during the summer is very amazing, but if you stay there for the entire year, the weather will occasionally be hot and muggy. Thailand occasionally experiences erratic weather with a lot of rainfall. Dramatic thunderstorms and downpours with heavy precipitation occur in August and October.


Education level:

Thailand does not offer a standard education. Underfunding exists for the local schools. Because there are so many students in each class, schools are unable to offer higher education, making it very challenging to give each student the attention they deserve. Bangkok offers higher education to foreign nationals. Due to their high educational standards, private schools charge high tuition. 


Public healthcare:

Thailand’s public health system is under-resourced and employs untrained workers. Public health care requires a protracted waiting period for expats. However, foreign patients don’t have to wait long The staff at private hospitals is well-trained, expensive, and available to foreign nationals who speak English. 


Is Thailand a secure place and Good Place To Live in 2023?

Yes, Thailand is a safe place to live, and there aren’t many violent crimes there. There, pickpocketing is the most prevalent crime.  

What drawbacks are there to living in Thailand?

Lack of motivation, Pollution, a low level of education inadequate environmental standards, untrained personnel working in public health. 

How much money do you need to comfortably live in Thailand?

An ex-pat needs between 80,000 and 120,000 baht per month. Rents, travel costs, groceries, and shopping are all included. Living in Thailand must be expensive for an ex-pat if they reside in a typical city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Is Thailand expensive to live?

If you choose to live in a large city, this will be expensive, but it must be less expensive if you reside in a small town in Thailand. Thailand has affordable housing rents. 

Can I live in Thailand as a foreigner?

Yes, but first you must obtain a visa that has been approved by Thai immigration. Non-immigrant visas are valid for 90 days and can be revoked by Thai immigration after the allotted time period has passed.

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