How Our Property Personal Shoppers help you

NPP Realty & Consultants redefines Thai Real Estate

1-Identify the client needs

  • Location
  • Size, number of bedrooms
  • Budget 
  • Required facility 
  • Special requests
  • Preferences 

2. Conduct property research

With all the information the buyer has given, our Property Personal Shopper can start the search for the properties that match the requirements. Apply our connections in the industry to pull all options (including unlisted properties). 

3. Presentation of properties

The client and our Property Personal Shopper discuss and consult each potential property. We learn your decision making process and work with you.

4. Full report on each property

Our Property Personal Shopper arrange appointments to visit promising properties from lifestyle research – neighborhood exploration. Once we make a visit with our client we can make a detailed report for each potential property. Pros and cons are listed based on the interests of the buyer and their specific needs.

5. Choosing property – Inspection

Advise you on the most appropriate way to maintain and increase the value of the property you purchase. Our Property Personal Shopper can help our clients arrange an inspection team to check the property before making a final decision. Initiate negotiation for the best possible price.

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6. Property acquisition

Conducting deal diligence. Support legal assistance or coordinate with our clients’ lawyer. Title deed check, documentation verification and legitimate ownership.

7. Support funding arrangement

Some clients require our financial assistance, opening a bank account in Thailand. Our Property Personal Shopper helps arranging funds and support in acquiring money foreign exchange transferring form (credit advice/FET).

8. Transfer of Ownership

Our Property Personal Shopper prepares a check list for the ownership transfer process, advise all tax and fees. Complete hassle free transaction and process for our clients.

9. Relevant supporting service

Our Property Personal Shopper acts as one point of contact. We provide integrated services including after sale services such as renovation, decoration, relocation service, or cleaning to ensure that the place makes the client dream come true.

10. Property Management Services

For clients that wish to lease or resell their properties, our Property Personal Shopper’s are there to support your needs. Advising on benchmark prices and showing the property on your behalf to potential clients, we are always there.