Luxury Condos in Bangkok

Millions of travellers and investors have been drawn to Bangkok throughout the years on an annual basis. One of the markets with fastest growing markets is real estate, which is particularly well-known for its condos. Luxury condos in Bangkok is one of Southeast Asia’s most well-known tourist destinations. 

Therefore it’s not unexpected that it stands up to that status. There are many condo types that are built primarily for overseas investors, and there are numerous of them. 

This city is recognized for its hip markets, upscale shopping centres, and vibrant nightlife, as well Luxury Condos In Bangkoks for its riverside delights, beautiful surroundings, and tourist destinations, all of which pay tribute to the city’s unique heritage. 

You may avoid traffic jams by picking one of these transport options because the contemporary Sky Train (BTS) and subway networks interconnect many locations. Or, again, you may always take a river taxi or long-tail cruise liner to explore the riverfront. Irrespective of whether you’re here for work or pleasure, the city is overflowing with fascinating possibilities and appealing holiday experiences.

What Kind of Luxury Condos In Bangkok is the Best?

Since they are situated close to the commercial areas and in the middle of the town, condos in Bangkok frequently become the ones that visitors want to purchase. If you know what you want, it’s simple to find various types of condos. 

Groomed gardens, a pool, and a workout area are just a handful of the communal facilities that a few of the condos offer. Additionally, there seem to be condos in high-rise buildings that would provide magnificent views of the city.

Instead of living in a tiny apartment, probably consider a condo, which is significantly bigger and more comfy. Condos are simple to maintain since you would have access to on-site maintenance, who would perform all of the housekeeping. In Bangkok, you have a broad range of condo selections to pick from, particularly luxury condos Thailand. There are also many cheap condos in Bangkok.

The Top 7 Luxury Condos in Bangkok

In nearly every part of Bangkok, a thriving metropolis, there are dozens or even hundreds of condo initiatives. There are a selected few condo buildings among the hundreds of other projects that differentiate themselves from the rest. 

Here are 7 of the most expensive condos in Bangkok 2023 (both new builds and older buildings), in no specified sequence, from local builders constructing the most lavish dwelling structures in Bangkok to global brands making their imprint in the marketplace:

  • 185 Rajadamri

In keeping with the theme of “Superlative Living,” the masterwork 185 Rajadamri by architect Raimon Land is referred to as a lifelong asset. 

A large pool, a separate resident’s lounge, well-being rooms, and a fully-stocked workout room are just a handful of the incredible facilities accessible to inhabitants of this property. It has 268 apartments on the whole and is spaced out across 35 floors. 

The Royal Bangkok Sports Club is accessible from one of the last existing free tracts of land on the renowned Rajadamri Road. The building is acknowledged to be among the most distinguished and exquisite in the area due to its unchanging characteristics.

  • The Four Seasons Residences

Luxury Condos In Bangkok

The idea that the King’s property ownership stands as the venue of this leasehold condo project should act as tons of evidence of its remarkable quality. It was constructed by Country Group Development and is a riverside property that is maintained by a resort. 

It is considered to be one of the most preferred luxury condo in Bangkok for rent. It is situated on the eastern banks of the river, which is also where the most renowned plots are housed. As a consequence, a unit here could be somewhat on the more extreme end of the scale of the premium range. 

  • The Sindhorn Residences

Luxury Condos In Bangkok

The Sindhorn Residences are perfectly positioned adjacent to Bangkok’s commercial districts, Silom, Sathorn, and Sukhumvit. Sindhorn Village is regarded as the city’s embassies district and is where the Sindhorn Residences are located. In addition to public transit that features the BTS Ploen Chit, a variety of accessible facilities are approachable on foot.

There are greenhouses, a fully equipped private gym, a swimming pool, and an executive resident’s lounge in this 200-unit condo building. At Lumpini, Pathum Wan is one of the most renowned residential neighbourhoods. It is the most favoured housing for people who prefer to have everything they need within a brisk walk conveniently.

  • The Ritz Carlton Residences

Unhindered perspectives of Bangkok’s cityscape are offered from an apartment on the 73rd floor of The Ritz Carlton Residences, which would be regarded as the city’s tallest skyscraper. 

It represents one of the most expensive condos in the city and offers the same top end lifestyles that are linked with the worldwide name of hotels around the world. The tower, which is positioned in Maha Nakhon, provides exceptional opportunities for luxurious living that are not offered anyplace else in Bangkok.

A multilevel restaurant and lounge, as well as an exterior designed community centre for inhabitants, are all situated inside the structure. It also contains high-end shopping outlets.

  • 28 Chidlom

Luxury Condos In Bangkok

There are roughly 180 metres between 28 Chidlom and the neighbourhood’s centre on Chidlom Road. The Tower and The Villa are two buildings that comprise the Luxury Condos In Bangkok for Sale. 

These towers were constructed to provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle, and the Urban Oasis, a covered gardening space, connects the two platforms.

A lap pool on the 12th floor, a children’s swimming area, a fitness centre, a steam room, an onsen, and a lot of well-kept lawns are just a few of its impressive attractions. Each apartment has a computerized door lock safety network, accessible room keys, an innovative surveillance system, and round-the-clock Surveillance screening.

  • The Magnolias Waterfront Residences

Ratchadamri Boulevard is the place of Magnolias Waterfront Residences, where premium services offer accessibility and comfort to this upscale area. The Waldorf Astoria hotel will dwell on the building’s lowermost floors, which is a distinguishing feature that will make it among the world’s most recognizable hotels.

The architecture of the Magnolia Waterfront is another distinguishing feature. It sticks out among Bangkok’s tallest condos with its three-dimensional flower petal embellishments. The magnolia flower influenced its appearance.

Residents benefit from environmentally friendly amenities in one of the only condo projects where renewable sources of energy and water-saving technology are being used. 

A children’s pool and a 70-meter swimming pool are a few of its luxurious amenities. Its remarkable attractions include a Jacuzzi, a terraced garden area, cafes, jogging pathways, and private club membership, to name a few.

  • The Sukhothai Apartments

The Sukhothai Residences in Bangkok are a 47-story skyscraper with top-notch amenities that are the invention of Hong Kong real estate development firm HKR International Limited. This towering condo building is the pinnacle of a luxurious lifestyle, and it is positioned alongside Soi Suanplu Road. 

It offers five-star assistance around-the-clock and is adjacent to high end restaurants, shopping centres, elite schools, and Bangkok’s historical landmarks. It is considered as a prominent Luxury Condos In Bangkok for rent.


Luxury Condos In Bangkok is brimming with beauty, adventure, independence, as well as pleasure. The city continues to attract millions of visitors annually. 

It is recognized as one of the world’s most desired tourist destinations due to its massive luxury-Pet Friendly condo skyscrapers, worldwide renowned floating market, magnificent palace, and monasteries. 

If you intend to live in a luxury condo Bangkok, you must choose a location that best corresponds to your requirements and offers you the level of convenience you would want.

Is a condo in Bangkok a good investment?

One factor that contributes to the popularity of condos as investments in real estate in Bangkok is the continuous interest for them from either residents or foreigners searching for retiring dwellings. Acquiring Luxury Condos in Bangkok is a profitable investment for anyone who wants to make investment plans in this business world.

What is the downside of buying a condo?

Along with your mortgage payment, you will need to pay a homeowners association fee (HOA). In addition to future development, this money is used for current building improvements. It has a lot in common with an apartment. There is a lack of solitude in a condo, given that you have neighbours in the contrary direction of your walls and possibly both above and below you as well. In addition, you and the others are similarly liable for paying for upkeep.

What are the 5 benefits of owning a condo?

The fact that the maintenance is addressed for you when you reside in a condo is one of the biggest advantages. They maintain the premises by trimming the grass and repairing the roof, among so many other tasks. For residents, the majority of condos provide gated or locked entrances, doorkeepers, or perhaps even security officers. Since many people would prefer to be able to walk, bike, or utilize public transportation to employment, condos are found adjacent to lively downtown areas, which helps make them popular.

What makes these luxury condos stand out from others in Bangkok?

These luxury condos stand out for their unique design, luxurious amenities, prime location, and high-end finishes.

Can you provide more information about the location of these luxury condos?

Each luxury condo on the list is located in a prime area of Bangkok, offering convenient access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

What kind of amenities do these luxury condos offer?

These luxury condos offer a wide range of amenities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, spa services, concierge services, and 24-hour security.

Are these luxury condos suitable for families?

Yes, some of these luxury condos offer spacious floor plans and family-friendly amenities such as children’s play areas and indoor/outdoor recreational spaces.

How do the prices of these luxury condos compare to other luxury properties in Bangkok?

The prices of these luxury condos are competitive with other high-end properties in Bangkok, and offer great value for the luxurious amenities and prime location they provide.

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