A new initiative is arriving to Thailand. With the ongoing compulsory two-week quarantine for coronavirus means that guests to the country can now spend that time on super luxury yachts.
The governments new 1.8 billion baht initiative is aimed at reviving the countries struggling tourism industry. With the announcement in December regarding golf tourism, this is another way to encourage tourists back into the country.
Announced on Monday 8th March it allows people arriving into the country to spend the quarantine time on board a yacht or small cruise ship.
There will be initially around 100 yachts taking part in the scheme and visitors will be required to wear smart wristbands. The wrist bands monitor location and general health information to ensure everyone complies with the virus measure.
That coupled with the stipulation that all visitors must arrive with a negative test result will hopefully ensure the positive work completed towards controlling the virus in Thailand.
This yacht quarantine plan is due to begin in either April or May. It should include locations such as Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui. Prices have not been released for this plan as yet but it is expected to be in the super luxury price range.
The super luxury price bracket and including five star hotels with yacht facilities will also be attempting to offer these services.

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