Space has always been a luxury in any major city in the world. Bangkok is not exception with space a premium, particularly within the riverside and business district areas. Whilst people are always looking for spacious areas, modern, minimalist stylistic condos have been trending with ever greater popularity with both Thai’s and Expats alike.

Bangkok is a multicultural city that offers blends of contrasts of modern and historical sites next door to each other. With a huge variety of spaces available, finding the right advice is always a challenge. Two condos next door to each other can be at the complete opposite ends of the price spectrum so where to begin?

Choosing a location can be challenging enough as the BTS and MRT networks allow for ease of access to most areas within the city, even through rush hours and other busy times. Then, facilities, entertainment venues, green spaces, schools, shopping centers and much more must be considered in the locality.

NPP can offer expert advice on different locations for different individuals moving to or within Bangkok. With a detailed knowledge of Bangkok and its surrounding area, we can offer first hand advice and find the right place with the right budget for you. We are here to serve your needs.

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