Sustainable Residential Development

In the bustling heart of Bangkok, a revolution in sustainable residential development is taking shape. Leading the way in eco-friendly housing is the Circle Living Prototype, a luxury condominium that sets the bar high for the future of eco-conscious housing in Bangkok. This architectural marvel on 1545 New Petchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan, is a testament to innovations in sustainable living in the city. 

A Sustainable Urban Oasis in Bangkok|Sustainable Residential Development

The Circle Living Prototype, developed by the same minds behind the Circle Condominium, Circle Sukhumvit 11, and Circle Sukhumvit 31, is a beacon of green technology. With its 123 exclusive units for sale and rent, it offers a unique opportunity to invest in sustainable properties in Bangkok.

Sustainable Residential Development

This condominium is more than just an abode; it’s a lifestyle. Facilities include a garage, playground/kid’s area, garden/bbq area, gym, Wi-Fi, elevator, sauna, 24-hours security, and a swimming pool. Each amenity has been thoughtfully designed, creating a balanced ecosystem that blends comfort, convenience, and eco-friendliness.

Eco-Friendly Features and Innovations in the Circle Living Prototype

Incorporating green technology and eco-friendly features, Circle Living Prototype is a model for sustainable living. Its design fosters energy efficiency, natural light, and ventilation, promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle without sacrificing luxury. These unique features make it more than just a home; they serve as a blueprint for the future of residential developments in the city and beyond.

Strategic Location: The Intersection of Convenience and Sustainability

Perfectly located just 960 meters or about a 12-minute walk from the Phetchaburi, Circle Living Prototype ensures its residents enjoy the convenience of city living without compromising their commitment to sustainability. The nearest tollway entrance is merely 800 meters away, enabling easy commuting.

From shopping at The Plaza, Foodland Supermarket, or Midtown Asok to dining at a variety of nearby restaurants, convenience is just a few steps away. Top-tier educational institutions such as Saint Dominic School, NIST International School, and Maha Nakhon University are within easy reach. The closest healthcare facility, Bamrungrad Hospitality Suites, is just an 8-minute walk away.

Investing in the Future of Eco-Conscious Housing in Bangkok

The Circle Living Prototype represents a smart investment opportunity. As sustainability continues to drive housing trends, properties like Circle Living Prototype are likely to see significant future appreciation. Investing in such a project is not just about capitalizing on a trend; it’s about contributing to a more sustainable future for Bangkok.

Sustainable Residential Development


In conclusion, Circle Living Prototype in Bangkok is more than just a condominium; it’s a revolution in sustainable living. Its eco-conscious design and unbeatable location make it a premier choice for those looking to invest in sustainable residential developments in Bangkok. As we unlock the secrets of sustainable living through this unique project, we also uncover a vision of the city’s greener, brighter future.

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