Time is a Luxury….Buy Property with Personal Shoppers at NPP

The Property Personal Shopper is growing in popularity especially within the luxury segment of the property market in Thailand but why.

This article sets out the ten benefits of the Property Personal Shopper and why more and more high net worth individuals are seeking our services. So what sets aside the Property Personal Shopper rather than using a traditional real estate agent?

As you will already be aware, Property Personal Shoppers directly represents the buyer in a real estate transaction. Our aim will be to save the buyer time, money and ensure hassle free solutions throughout the property purchase and beyond. Below are the top 10 tips of what you can expect from our Property Personal Shoppers:

1. Clear Communication and Articulation of Expectations

As all developments in Thailand have different costs including Common Area Maintenance Fee, electricity rates, transfer fees, legal support, home inspection, insurance expectations, it is the role of the Property Personal Shoppers to outline, explain and give complete transparency of all details regarding a transaction.

2. Selects from 100 Percent of Properties within the requirement YOU choose.

Property Personal Shoppers remain neutral from any other groups meaning that they will select only according to your own personal needs. This will mean you have access to all the best properties from agencies, direct from owners and developers without any biases towards a certain party from the Property Personal Shopper.

3. From Day One to Completion

Our Property Personal Shoppers will be with you in every aspect of the purchase. This will be through the entire journey until the keys are in your hands. Property Personal Shoppers often continue to support even after transfer of a property, using their local expertise to support clients throughout residency and beyond.

4. Fees for the Property Personal Shopper

In Thailand Property Personal Shoppers are paid the fees from the seller. This means that the Personal Property Shopper will work for you for the fees that are paid out of the transaction. When giving your budget, you set the demands and parameters for the Property Personal Shopper to work with. As NPP Realty & Consultants believe in the longevity of our business/ client relationships, you can rest assured that we will find and negotiate the very best deals on your behalf.

5. Network and Specialists Available to support.

Buying a property, particularly in a foreign country can be daunting. Within our team we are able to support regarding every aspect of the property purchase. With our extended network should a piece of information be missing, you can rest assured that our team will be able to find the information you require to offer a smooth transaction.

6. Client Centric

Being able to support in the ways described above also means that you get the attention that you require for your property purchase. By only allowing the number of clients our Property Personal Shoppers can support we continue to provide excellence of service at all times.

7. Flexibility

We have a huge amount of flexibility within this role to support your needs. Many High Net Worth Individuals value time over everything else. We are there to support when you need it most. We work to your schedule.

8. Entrepreneurial Problem Solvers

Every transaction will face different challenges. Being able to be creative with a passion and drive to support our client is an essential skill of our Property Personal Shoppers.

9. Integrity

Integrity is a core value of NPP Realty & Consultants. Complete transparency at all stages of the property purchase is our aim held alongside with client satisfaction. We are here to support you.

10. Boundless Enthusiasm

Whether it is the first viewing or thirtieth, our Property Personal Shoppers will be ready to support you and be able to share their refined knowledge of the area, property and all other details for you to make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

The right support really can make a world of difference in today’s hyper-competitive property market. You need someone that you can be comfortable with and trust. Who, will support you through all facets of the property purchase and putting your needs and best interests first. Using our team of highly experienced Property Personal Shoppers, you can be assured to find the right property, in the right location at the right price.

The Rise of the Property Personal Shopper

How Our Property Personal Shoppers help you

NPP Realty & Consultants redefines Thai Real Estate

1-Identify the client needs

  • Location
  • Size, number of bedrooms
  • Budget 
  • Required facility 
  • Special requests
  • Preferences 

2. Conduct property research

With all the information the buyer has given, our Property Personal Shopper can start the search for the properties that match the requirements. Apply our connections in the industry to pull all options (including unlisted properties). 

3. Presentation of properties

The client and our Property Personal Shopper discuss and consult each potential property. We learn your decision making process and work with you.

4. Full report on each property

Our Property Personal Shopper arrange appointments to visit promising properties from lifestyle research – neighborhood exploration. Once we make a visit with our client we can make a detailed report for each potential property. Pros and cons are listed based on the interests of the buyer and their specific needs.

5. Choosing property – Inspection

Advise you on the most appropriate way to maintain and increase the value of the property you purchase. Our Property Personal Shopper can help our clients arrange an inspection team to check the property before making a final decision. Initiate negotiation for the best possible price.

6. Property acquisition

Conducting deal diligence. Support legal assistance or coordinate with our clients’ lawyer. Title deed check, documentation verification and legitimate ownership.

7. Support funding arrangement

Some clients require our financial assistance, opening a bank account in Thailand. Our Property Personal Shopper helps arranging funds and support in acquiring money foreign exchange transferring form (credit advice/FET).

8. Transfer of Ownership

Our Property Personal Shopper prepares a check list for the ownership transfer process, advise all tax and fees. Complete hassle free transaction and process for our clients.

9. Relevant supporting service

Our Property Personal Shopper acts as one point of contact. We provide integrated services including after sale services such as renovation, decoration, relocation service, or cleaning to ensure that the place makes the client dream come true.

10. Property Management Services

For clients that wish to lease or resell their properties, our Property Personal Shopper’s are there to support your needs. Advising on benchmark prices and showing the property on your behalf to potential clients, we are always there.   

Property Outlook 2022

Property supply and demand is expected to become more balanced next year while foreign buyers wait in the sidelines for opportunities to invest in the property market in Thailand ensuring a positive outlook for the upcoming year. Throughout the pandemic a rich vein of the workforce have taken to remote working. Companies and job roles offer the opportunity for people to work around the world in different time zones. The trend of the digital nomad has also been noted by the government who have suggested relaxed restrictions for entry to the country for this profile of person.


As confidence grows around the world and vaccines rates increase, borders continue to open further supporting those that wish to live abroad. With the introduction of the wellness and medical visas, allowing people to remain in the country up to a year should see an onset of demand for housing through the scope of the market.


As Thailand’s rental properties still offer a good yield approximated at 5%, many investors are looking to take advantage of a more advantageous situation than their own country. The Chinese have been particularly prevalent in market and NPP Realty and Consultants expect this interest to rise throughout 2022.


Whilst the property market is expected to reach pre-pandemic levels in 2023 the news of the relaxed mortgage regulations to help revive the property market has been met with excitement throughout the industry. Many indicators are that the property market may even hit expected GDP in 2022 when it was previously predicted to return to previous levels in 2027.


Within the luxury property market there is rarely a drop and demand. This demand is expected to run throughout the whole of 2022 with exciting new projects on the way as well as the more established developments such as Four Seasons Private Residences, Chao Phraya River and Mandarin Oriental, The Ritz Carlton, continue to progress with their sales. We at NPP Realty Consultants regularly support transactions throughout these properties.


Government stimulated buying is expected to have many benefits to the economy of Thailand. The property industry dropped to 6 percent GDP in 2019 which is expected to have bounced back to 10 percent by 2022. This stimulus will be a positive for all industries to ensure the long term recovery from the pandemic. NPP Realty and Consultants have had many vibrant clients eager to return to Thailand or have done so already, it has been a pleasure serving them throughout 2021. We are now even more excited for 2022.

Bangkok Metropolitan Living Trends of 2021

Over the last year, Bangkok metropolitan area has seen further changes in the trends of living in all over the city. The city is covered in luxury condominiums such as Four Seasons Residences and The Residences at The Mandarin Oriental or the Ritz Carlton, however, the true luxury market has been shifting.


Bangkok is vast area of the main city and sprawling suburbs, Bangkok covers over 1,500 km. with an estimated 41,000,00 million people spread out between the city proper, metropolitan area and the urban area.


This is a vast number of people to home and house. Whilst Bangkok covers vast areas, many of those areas are still developing so NPP Realty and Consultants have the following breakdown of the 5 top areas that the elite are choosing to live in Bangkok.


The zones are in no particular order as all of the areas have both pros and cons according to the needs of each individual.




Bangna is an up and coming residential area that is superbly located in the heart of a trade and exhibition area. With excellent international schools including Bangkok Patana and St. Andrews International School. The area offers convenience of access supported expressways to the Eastern Seaboard area and also Suvarnabhumi International Airport.


There is a vast array of developments available however NPP Realty and Consultants have shortlisted the ultimate luxury experience:


Baan Issara Bangna. Modern Contemporary houses from 50 MB.

Nantawan Bangna. Family orientate project with quality 4 and 5 bedroom homes from 30 MB.


Ekkamai Ramintra


The so-called Beverly Hills of Bangkok. Relaxing lifestyle, large spaces yet still close to nature with easy access across the city via expressways. With chic shopping malls. Including the Crystal Park Lifestyle Shopping Mall and the Crystal Design Center bringing state of the art facilities. Alongside international schools that include reputable schools;  Regent’s International School and KIS International School Bangkok.


Noteworthy Developments:


Crystal Park. Vibrant neighbourhood in the most luxurious setting. Prices from CONTACT US

Grand Crystal. Benchmark of luxurious homes. Prices from CONTACT US

Cyrstal Solana. Ultra Luxury Residences. Prices from 60 – 300 MB

Santiburi The Residences. The connoisseur of pleasant living. 245 – 360 MB

Bugaan Yothinpattana. Modern Luxury Home for the young successors. 40 – 90 MB




A leafy suburb where spiritual meets residential. With a vibrant and diverse set of developments set in an area offering delicacies from around the world. This area caters for the hip, global international market alike whilst still offering local hidden gems.


Noteworthy Developments:


Baan Sansiri Pattanakarn. Because love is love. From 90 MB

Mavista Prestige Village. Super luxury residence redefined. From 155 MB


Sathorn – Rama III


An ever developing area popular with Thais and expats alike. With direct access to the CBD and large multinational companies choosing this location for their headquarters, this area is and will remain to be popular.


Noteworthy Developments:


The Welton, Rama III. The privilege beyond standard. The most luxurious European elegant mansions. Price on request.

Baan 365. A place of mind. Home is not just a place. The house has life. Because everyone has the heart all in one place. From 26 MB.




The most vibrant and exciting residential district, enhanced by the most cosmopolitan lifestyle. A wide range of shopping malls, entertainment venues and activities suitable for all. With ease of access to public transport and the expressway maintaining an incredible yet easily accessible desirable location.

Noteworthy Developments:

649 Six Forty Nine Residence. Ultra luxury maisons. Only for a few. Prices from 60 MB

749 Seven Forty Nine Residence. Ultra living area. Prices from 70 MB

Malton Sukhumvit 31. Prime, Pride, Privacy. Prices from 80 MB

Quarter 31. 20 prestigious urban villas collection in Sukhumvit 31. Prices from 65 MB

The Gentry, Sukhumvit. Living concept inspired by Brooklyn, New York. Price from 35.9 MB


So whether your desire is an ultra luxury house in one of these developments or one of the aforementioned super luxury condominiums in Bangkok, you can rest assured that NPP Consultants will be able to support your every need.

10 Year Visa Approved by the Cabinet to Attract Foreign Visitors

On Tuesday 14th September 2021 the cabinet approved a 10 year, long term visa with which it is hoping to attract foreign investors.


The Government are hoping that the visa will attract more over the next five years, one million foreign investors and experts will arrive and contribute to the economy vastly.


The one trillion baht target is expected to be reached through increased investments and also other contributions made by the holders of the long term visa.


The long term visa hopes to attract people that are interested in Bangkok’s high end property market. With increasing inventory in the condominium market including ultra luxury properties such as Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok at Chao Phraya River and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental The Residences at Mandarin Oriental

the real estate industry is also looking forward to a welcome boost to the economy. However, this time it isn’t just the condominium market that is excited.


Alongside the long-term visa there are several other benefits which means there may yet be a shift in the market:


10 year visa includes allocation for spouse and children.

Work permit included.

Exemption from foreign income tax.

Land and real estate ownership and rental rights.

Quota of four Thais for every one foreign employee not required.


With the addition of the family support stunning projects such as Welton on Rama 3 and Malton Private Residences deep in the heart of Sukhumvit, larger properties that are already rare are sure to have an increase in demand.


How are NPP Consultants so sure that this visa will support the super luxury market? The parameters set to apply for the visa are stringent meaning that the visa it isn’t accessible to all. Applicants must be from the following groups:


Highly Skilled Professionals: Targeted industries such as future services, infrastructure and logistic earning at least $80,000 over the past two years.

Work from Thailand: Professionals wishing to work with employers outside of Thailand. With more than five year’s experience and at least $80,000 over the past two years.

Pensioner: Aged above 50 with a stable pension of at least $80,000 over the past two years.

Wealthy Global Citizens: High income over $80,000 over the past two years and with a minimum of $1 million in assets.


The measures will be run by the Office of the National Economic and Social Development whilst working alongside the Board of Investment (BOI) further details will be released in the very near future. NPP will be ready to welcome and support all of its clients through all facets of their property purchase or rental.

NPP will look forward to welcoming its first clients on this visa in the very near future. Visas have been a long term challenge for individuals in Thailand and with this visa and support, the road to the future will be smoother.


The one and only ultra luxury branded residences Four Seasons Private Residences by Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok by Chao Phraya River


Four Seasons Private Residences represents waterfront living at its absolute finest and marks the premiere of the first Four Seasons waterfront residences in Asia. Located in the heart of Bangkok, the Chao Phraya estate area is 36 Rai (14 Acres) running along 350 meters of riverfront. It is currently, the world’s largest Four Seasons Private Residences. Situated in a convenient location that is easily accessible from all modes of transportation, this project is a combination of one residential tower and two global icons of hospitality; Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok and Capella Hotel Bangkok.

With an unparalleled blending of the timeless design, top quality materials, and first class service that Thai hospitality can provide beyond the five star service.  Four Seasons Private Residences is comprised of a 73-story residential tower which is designed to offer an unsurpassed luxurious lifestyle to our 366 residences with 4 units maximum per floor in both towers, making it the most exclusive residential address.  Providing residents with the largest 5 floors Fours Seasons Club with a vast variety of world class amenities and legendary Four Seasons services. Indulge yourself in the spa, salon or jacuzzi with recreation and a lifestyle beyond the imagination. With a River Lounge, amenities deck, infinity pool, private cabanas or a tranquil session of yoga or pilates at the fitness studio that is beaming with the latest equipment.


Four Seasons truly achieve the ultimate residential experience with integrated hotel inspired living. Presented with unobstructed panoramic views of the river and city, the various corner designed rooms. Bangkok’s first ultra-luxury Branded Residences combine with the best in hotel-inspired facilities and smart home functionality. The 32 billion baht development by Country Group Development PCL (CGD) and Four Seasons Hotels is certainly the first of its kind in Asia.


Four Seasons Private Residences is the first and only residences in Bangkok to hold the key and search for the answer to luxury in all senses. Firstly, location. With the spectacular views of the Chao Phraya River whilst only being a 5 minute drive to the central business district or expressway, the location alone is exquisite. Relaxing views of the hustle and bustle of river life whilst steeped with hospitality and service.


In comparison too many of the other super luxury developments, there are many advantages. The Ritz Carlton offer an observatory on a single tower and lots of food and beverage choices. The Mandarin Oriental residences are on the opposite side of the rive to the hotel. The Four Seasons Private Residences service and amenities are strengthened by the support of the hotels that are on site. Allowing for logistics, supplies, services to filter through to the benefit of the residents.


In order to address your inquiry as professionally as possible, we would like to invite you to visit Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok. During this time we can offer our valued customers video tours and private visits to this outstanding project. When you visit you will be able to understand the exceptional quality of the project and location and NPP Consultants will be happy to facilitate to your needs.

Pet Friendly Super Luxury Condominiums, Bangkok – Our Furry Friends

Pet Friendly Super Luxury


So, you have decided that Bangkok is the city for you. You know that you want a property in the super luxury condominium tier. What is the most important thing to you: amenities, space, location, price, view? Of course not. It is whether your four-legged friend can be with you in your super luxury space. There are many luxury projects in Bangkok with pet friendly policies. Old condos tend to allow pets however it is more challenging for people who are looking for in the brand new luxury condominium tier.


Have no fear, the super luxury market caters to all and there are options for everyone’s circumstances. Whilst some projects do not allow any pets at all, some projects are very welcoming of pets.


The Projects


The list below is compiled to recognize the super luxury projects that allow pet lovers to stay and the parameters and policies they have in place.


River Side Area


Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok at Chao Phraya River: With a motto of ‘pets are a family member’ all animals. not over 20kg are extremely welcomed a Four Seasons projects around the world. With a pet grooming shop as part of the Four Season Hotel, Bangkok and integrated service that the four legged residents can enjoy.


The Residences at Mandarin Oriental: Brand new, branded residences on the opposite side of the river to Four Seasons. Has a no pet policy.


Sukhumvit Area


The Estelle, Prom Pong: An ultra-luxury  high-rise condominium this project allows 1 pet per apartment and not over 15kg. With green areas and specialized wellness facilities, the project, located on Sukhumvit Soi 26, is designed as an urban oasis to bring a sense of calm to your life. With a pet lawn provided to allow a stretch of legs in the middle of the city.


Marque Sukhumvit 39: Allows small and medium sized animals not over 20kg. With its Diamond shape, Marque Sukhumvit aims at wellness and models itself as a pet friendly development.


The Monument Thong Lo: Allows pets and has a dog park. There is maximum weight for pets of 25kg and a height of 20 inches. This development has 2, 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms penthouse. For each bedroom, one pet maybe allowed to join the project.


Business District


The Ritz Carlton Bangkok: An iconic ultra luxury condominium that was previouslly the highest building in Bangkok and is also super welcoming to animals of all shapes and sizes. With a strong motto to carry their service “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen” luxury for you and your pet is guaranteed.


The Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski: Situated on charismatic Langsuan Road, it harmonizes environmental-friendliness, peacefulness and verdant green surroundings with exceptional amenities however does not allow pets at this time.




As you can see from the extensive list above, the range of availability with animals is extensive. Having these furry members of the family does not restrict you from the finest quality of projects with their impeccable service, impressive surroundings, immaculately presented amenities. Offering you and your pets five-star service. NPP Consultants are sure within the developments included in this list, your dream home doesn’t need to be traded for the company of your pet. Pet Friendly Super Luxury Condominiums in Bangkok certainly offer plenty of choice.


No Work Permit, No Problem, please stay for 10 years!

Work and Stay in Thailand



The biggest shake up in years in foreign ownership and work permit/ visas is on the way. Proposals by Tourism Authority of Thailand made to the Prime Minister at Government House has set out four target groups. The target groups would be able to work in Thailand without a work permit. They would also pay just seventeen percent tax on local earning, have the right to buy property and land and be able to stay for up to ten years.



Target Groups



These proposals are being considered by the government and the targets groups are as follows:


  1. Highly skilled individuals with Specific Abilities


  1. Digital Nomads


  1. Foreign retirees


  1. The Wealthy


From the four groups TAT aims to attract one million people. They believe that this will increase expertise and the economic benefits of spending locally. TAT believe that these one million people will bring an extra one trillion baht. The target market are expected to spend a minimum of one million baht per year. Much higher than that is the reality with wealthy investors enjoying branded residences in Bangkok such as Four Seasons Private Residences, Chao Phraya, The Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental. People are ready to invest, when Thailand reopens once again the money will follow.


Highly Skilled Individuals with Specific Abilities


Industry workers, medical skills, professors and other skilled areas. Expat packages have appeared to decrease in recent years but in reality the expat packages are as strong as ever. Whilst the overall salary has remained similar, this amount appears smaller owing to the strong baht. That being said, expat packages often offer schooling, housing, drivers, maids and many other extras with the package.


Digital Nomads


People within this group must be earning at least eighty thousand dollars in the last two years or forty thousand dollars per year. The target group will be digital nomads or people close to retirement age. All long term visitors will be expected to have a one hundred thousand dollar health insurance coverage.


Foreign Retirees


In order to apply for the long term visa, retirees will have to invest two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in government bonds or real estate. If they cannot do that, they can show the same earnings as the digital nomads from their pensions. Providing they can show all of the required evidence, they will be eligible for the ten year visa.


The Wealthy


To qualify for this group you must be a high earner. There will be no age limit but you must invest five hundred thousand dollars in either real estate or Government bonds. This group will need to show the same earnings but also one million dollars worth of assets in order to be eligible for the visa.




As the Cabinet will now be considering the details of this proposal, NPP Realty and Consultants will wait to comment on these matters until items are confirmed officially. That being said, the new regulations would be a welcome stimulus for the property market and tourism market combined.



Crypto Currency in Thailand – Buying A Property

Investors in the real estate market are often discouraged by the fees related to buying a property in Thailand. With many investors’ money remaining offshore, there has been little chance in reducing the fee appropriated with buying real estate – until now. Opportunities are soon to open up to buy properties with crypto currencies.


Crypto and Real Estate


Cryptocurrency and the digital era are a perfect partnership. All around the world, people maintain portfolios with a total value of over two trillion dollars. That is no insignificant amount by anyone’s standards.


Crypto and Thailand


In day to day life, Thailand has been slow to adopt to digital currency. Using crypto has become the norm in many countries around the world. Whilst digital nomads have been building their wallets for many years, spending those cryptos directly is the next challenge.


Crypto Visas


Digital nomads are looking for relaxed laws in terms of immigration in the coming years. Thailand is opting to support the digital lifestyle following suit to countries including Singapore and Vietnam. Making visa requirements easier and the possibility of working online with a work permit accessible to all will open Thailand up to becoming a hub for digital nomads.


Crypto and Residences


The luxury property market has been becoming more and more open to crypto currency purchases. It has also begun to open up in Thailand also. With huge, branded residences names residing in Thailand including Four Seasons Private Residences Chao Phraya River, The Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental are all state of the art, latest and greatest brands in the world. However, it is not the branded residences leading the way but the developers.


Real Estate Coins


Real estate firms Sansiri and Ananda Development may be among the first to develop a digital coin bringing the digital and real world a step closer together. The coin is expected to launch in quarter 2 of 2021. This coin will allow people to invest from very low levels to high levels as per their personal circumstances.


The Future


Ananda and Origin Property have already accepted currency as payment for properties. As belief and trust and stability grows within the crypto currency world, the use and the acceptance will develop throughout Thailand. It will become a part of everyday life with the current trend of people making purchases, bookings and other aspects of our lives that are already planned by our online lives. The future is bright, the future in online.

Welcome to Thailand – Your Forever Home!!

Smiling happy people, astounding beaches, culinary delights to get your tastes buds watering at every corner. You have just visited Thailand for the first time and now you have returned home, you want to do everything you can to make Thailand your home. So when you turn on your laptop and search for buying property in Thailand you are suddenly terrified by the amount of information, scaremongering stories and experiences of others. Suddenly your dream feels far from a reality, however, a reality it can be. 

Can Foreigners own Land in Thailand?


In short no. The laws in Thailand are clear and specific. However, being Thailand, there are work arounds that people have used frequently over the last 20 years and beyond. 

Leasehold Property


Leasehold property ownership allows both Thais and Foreigners to own the lease outright for the term. With super-luxury brands such as Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok by Chao Phraya river and The Residences at Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok by the Crown Property Bureau, The One Bangkok and brand new Aman Nai Lert Residences Bangkok both foreign and Thai investors have opportunities to own the most luxurious of branded residences in Bangkok. Leasehold property ownership for both foreign and Thai nationals has a maximum term of 30 years. The term length varies between developments. Most of developers provided renewal options. 30 years is the maximum length of time from a legal perspective, but that does not mean you will have to give up your dream home after just a few decades. In many situations, the owner will state that the contract will be reviewed at the end of the 30 years with the intention to renew the contract, which can legally be done twice. If you really want to purchase a beach-side villa to live in for your entire lifetime, you can easily do this with a total of 90 years on your leasehold. If you don’t want to live in the home, this is also plenty of time to rent the property out and turn it into profit.

Freehold property


High-End Hotel Residences such as The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, the Ritz Carlton at Mahanakorn and The Sukhothai Residences offer freehold property ownership. The current law stipulates that all condominiums and developments must be at least fifty one percent owned by Thai nationals. Foreigners can however own the condominium as long as the condominium follows the foreign quota. There is debate in Parliament currently whether that number should be increased to eighty percent. This debate is still in the early stages and no change is expected any time soon. 



Currently land in Thailand may only be owned by Thai nationals. There are ways of owning land indirectly but according to the law the land is still owned by a Thai national. A method of owning land is setting up a Thai Limited Company allows foreigners to own the company and the company may own land. This method whilst used successfully means that the foreigner owns forty nine percent of the business while Thai nominee directors own the other fifty one percent of the company. Secondly the house on the land is then leased by the foreigner to hold the property for the specified period of time. 

Forthcoming Changes


With the pandemic still active there are many rumors being shared. In order to stimulate the economy, the beginning of May 2021, Thai Government is keen to find new initiatives to run. Between the eighty percent rumor there is also rumors of an updated land act. Last updated in 1999, the law was updated so that foreigners married to a Thai national could own land. The updated law is searching to see if foreigners could outright own land with certain parameters set such as the size of the land. There are also whispers that foreign ownership of land maybe allowed during the Covid period only and for certain plots only. If this occurs, it will be the first time in Thailand’s history of allowing foreign ownership. At NPP Consultants, we continue watching closely to bring you the latest information possible. If any confirmation occurs, we will provide the full explanation of the changes to the law here. 





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NPP Realty & Consultants Co., Ltd’., is an independently owned boutique real estate company offering the highest standards and was established by a team of experienced real estate and consulting professionals in Thailand.