Property Personal Shoppers at NPP

The Property Personal Shoppers at NPP is growing in popularity, especially within the luxury segment of the property market in Thailand but why.

This article sets out the ten benefits of the Property Personal Shopper and why more and more high-net-worth individuals are seeking our services. So what sets aside the Property Personal Shopper rather than using a traditional real estate agent?

As you will already be aware, Property Personal Shoppers directly represents the buyer in a real estate transaction. Our aim will be to save the buyer time, and money and ensure hassle-free solutions throughout the property purchase and beyond. Below are the top 10 tips of what you can expect from our Property Personal Shoppers:

1. Clear Communication and Articulation of Expectations Personal Shoppers at NPP

As all developments in Thailand have different costs including Common Area Maintenance Fee, electricity rates, transfer fees, legal support, home inspection, insurance expectations, it is the role of the Personal Shoppers at NPP to outline, explain and give complete transparency of all details regarding a transaction.

2. Selects from 100 Percent of Properties within the requirement You choose.

Personal Shoppers at NPP remain neutral from any other groups meaning that they will select only according to your own personal needs. This will mean you have access to all the best properties from agencies, direct from owners and developers without any biases towards a certain party from the Property Personal Shopper.

3. From Day One to Completion

Our Personal Shoppers at NPP will be with you in every aspect of the purchase. This will be through the entire journey until the keys are in your hands. Property Personal Shoppers often continue to support even after the transfer of a property, using their local expertise to support clients throughout residency and beyond.

4. Fees for the Property Personal Shopper

In Thailand Personal Shoppers at NPP are paid the fees from the seller. This means that the Personal Property Shopper will work for you for the fees that are paid out of the transaction. When giving your budget, you set the demands and parameters for the Property Personal Shopper to work with. As NPP Realty & Consultants believe in the longevity of our business/ client relationships, you can rest assured that we will find and negotiate the very best deals on your behalf.

5. Network and Specialists Available to support.

Buying a property, particularly in a foreign country can be daunting. Within our team we are able to support regarding every aspect of the property purchase. With our extended network should a piece of information be missing, you can rest assured that our team will be able to find the information you require to offer a smooth transaction.

6. Client-Centric

Being able to support in the ways described above also means that you get the attention that you require for your property purchase. By only allowing the number of clients our Property Personal Shoppers at NPP can support we continue to provide excellence of service at all times.

7. Flexibility

We have a huge amount of flexibility within this role to support your needs. Many High Net Worth Individuals value time over everything else. We are there to support when you need it most. We work to your schedule.

8. Entrepreneurial Problem Solvers

Every transaction will face different challenges. Being able to be creative with a passion and drive to support our client is an essential skill of our Property Personal Shoppers.

9. Integrity

Integrity is a core value of NPP Realty & Consultants. Complete transparency at all stages of the property purchase is our aim held alongside with client satisfaction. We are here to support you.

10. Boundless Enthusiasm

Whether it is the first viewing or the thirtieth, our Property Personal Shoppers will be ready to support you and be able to share their refined knowledge of the area, property, and all other details for you to make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

The right support really can make a world of difference in today’s hyper-competitive property market. You need someone that you can be comfortable with and trust. Who, will support you through all facets of the property purchase and put your needs and best interests first? Using our team of highly experienced Property Personal Shoppers at NPP, you can be assured to find the right property, in the right location at the right price.

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