A newly authorised, government approved scheme has been added to the list of places to quarantine in Thailand. While the quarantine forced on many has been seen to have a huge impact on the number of arrivals to Thailand, making quarantine as palatable as possible of course makes sense.

Whilst everyone including the Government is hoping to open the borders sooner rather than later. The measures put in place by the Government have to be commended based on the number of known cases of Covid that have occurred. With the measures in place, what better way to spend your compulsory 2 weeks confined to a hotel room, or the golf course!!

There are now six government-certified golf resorts that are available to complete the quarantine. You can complete quarantine whilst playing golf daily. Located in Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Nayok, Petchaburi and Chiang Mai, the six different courses offer varying challenges and locations that should be able to suit anyones needs. With all courses offering restaurants, driving ranges, swimming pools and club houses, the quarantine period has never looked better.

Courses and locations:

Evergreen Hills Golf Club, Kanchanaburi
Blue Star Golf Course, Kanchanaburi
Mida Gold Club, Kanchanaburi
Sawang Resort and Golf Club, Petchaburi
Artitaya Golf and Resort, Nakhon Nayok
Artitaya Golf and Resort, Chiang Mai

For golfers wishing to take part need to make arrangements in advance including; visa (Single-Entry Tourist Visa or Special Tourist Visa), medical and travel insurance that covers Covid 19 fully and a Certificate of Entry. With this paper work in place you can participate in rounds daily during your quarantine entry to Thailand.

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