5 best places to live in bangkok

Best places to live in Bangkok

Have you decided to settle in a well-developed city like Bangkok, but you are wondering where the best neighborhoods in Bangkok are for families?

Bangkok is a wonderful place to live as well as a destination. Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city with a significant international community and a wealth of art and culture. Because of Bangkok’s distinctive cuisines, vibrant festivals, alluring carnivals, and welcoming neighborhoods, one can always enjoy living there. 

 I’ve traveled to all the nooks and crannies of Bangkok and lived in many different neighborhoods. I can therefore confidently recommend the best neighborhood for a first-time visitor to Bangkok. The majority of places are worthwhile to invest in to make a stay there.

 Bangkok’s locations are unique from one another, but so are the locals’ ways of life. These ideas might be easier to understand and handle for the majority of people. You must first choose whether you want to live in a quiet neighborhood or one with a bustling nightlife in Bangkok. Simply put, your budget will determine your choice. 

I’ll address the question of which Bangkok neighborhoods are desirable places to live in this post. The top neighborhoods in Bangkok for living are listed below.

5 best places to live in Bangkok

1. Sukhumvit | best places to live in Bangkok

5 best places to live in bangkok

Living in Sukhumvit is the best option if you have enough money to spend. This location stands for the incredible expanse of Bangkok life. Premium real estate can be found on Sukhumvit, which also serves as the center of all the shopping malls and nightlife. The world’s longest road, Sukhumvit, measures 488 kilometers in length. Bangkok and the Cambodian border are connected by that road. 

 The Sukhumvit area’s central location, which is as vibrant as the cities of Paris, New York, and London, is ideal when deciding where to live. In a nutshell, lower Sukhumvit is a fantastic location for you if you love the city’s commotion more than you can imagine. 


2. Silom | best places to live in Bangkok

5 best places to live in bangkok

 Silom is famous for Wall Street in Bangkok. The MRT blue line and BTS red line meet in the heart of Bangkok’s commercial and financial district. It provides an excellent connections to and from the rest of Bangkok. The Bangkok economy revolves around this area. Restaurants, spas, clubs, shopping centers all emelish this vibrant neighborhood. 

All of these magnificent highlights reflect the goals of visitors to the Silom, including professionals, and tourists.

The Patpong district, which has been a red light district since the 70s, is also nearby. You can spend a lavish evening at the sky bar in the Lebua State Tower and other magnificent locations if you plan to reside here. 


3. Asok | best places to live in Bangkok

5 best places to live in bangkok

 Asok is Bangkok’s most convenient neighborhood and a well-known meeting place, while every other part of the city is only a short walk away. Here are many well-known locations, including Asok outdoor park, a convention center, a long with Soi Cowboy, and many other destinations. People can move around the city more easily thanks to the underground MRT and BTS stations. From one area of the city to another, people can easily commute. 


The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, which serves as the hub of numerous festivals and events, Benchakitti Park, the hip galleries, and new shops are among the other glitzy areas. The ideal Bangkok neighborhood for families is Asok. In Asok, it seems as though you are immersed in a fantastical setting. Everything you desire is attainable. The most well-connected neighborhood in Bangkok is Asok. 

4. Sathorn | best places to live in Bangkok

5 best places to live in bangkok

Staying in Sathorn is worthwhile. Premium hotels like W Bangkok, Sukhothai, and Banyan Tree can be found in Sathorn. A breathtaking scene is created by the majestic temples that are situated along the riversides.

Take a stroll in a park outside if you want to spend some quality time. Bangkok condos, enormous office buildings, and skyscrapers can all be found in Sathorn, the city’s main commercial area.  

Therefore, Sathorn is the best neighborhood for you if you have a sufficient amount of money and want to live in a convenient location. There are many opulent options available, including a sizable apartment with modern amenities. Bars and jazz lounges are part of it. Furthermore, a lot of condos have modern bathrooms and kitchens, as well as gyms and swimming pools. 

Whatever food you desire is available. Many expats love to live in this area because of the stunning surroundings, including the river.  


5. Ekkamai | best places to live in Bangkok

5 best places to live in bangkok

 Ekkamai is among the top locations in Bangkok. Middle-class people should consider living here. Many breathtaking scenes attract many activities to do and indulge in.

Ekkamai has a hipster vibe in addition to a variety of dining and entertainment options. With convenient access from the BTS line, Ekkamai is situated in the most convenient Sukhumvit neighborhood. 

The icing on the cake is the proximity of Eastern Bus terminals to this area. Living here gives you the chance to experience a mix of conventional and modern lifestyles. 

Ekkamai is well-known for its luxurious cuisines, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. On Friday and Saturday, it is overflowing with visitors seeking a place to unwind. Ekkamai is the hub of food. In comparison to other cities, food is inexpensive and there are many options available. 

Other than the dining options, vendors sell street food like noodles and basil chicken. The large Gateway Mall is located on Sukhumvit. There are numerous dining options for visitors at mall. 


Which is the best area to live in Bangkok?

Sukhumvit, Asok, Sathorn, Silom, and Ekkamai are the best places to live in Bangkok. 

Where do the majority of foreigners reside in Bangkok?

The majority of ex-pats in Bangkok opt to live close to transportation hubs, making it simple for them to travel to other cities. The “Skytrain” elevated system and the MRT underground system are best located on Sukhumvit Road, one of the most important streets in the entire world.

Is Bangkok an excellent place to live?

The most well-liked tourist destination in Southeast Asia is Bangkok, which offers inexpensive living. Bangkok has a strong economy, is an easy place to do business, has a vibrant culture, the friendliness of the Thai people, and a relaxed way of life. In conclusion, Bangkok offers luxury living conditions in every way. 

What are some affordable places to live in Bangkok?

Some of the more affordable areas to live in Bangkok include On Nut, Bang Na, and Bang Kapi.

What are the top luxury neighborhoods in Bangkok?

Some of the top luxury neighborhoods in Bangkok include Mandarin Oriental, Four Season, Sindhorn Residence.

How is the transportation system in Bangkok?

Bangkok has an extensive transportation system that includes buses, trains, taxis, and tuk-tuks. The Skytrain elevated system and the MRT underground system are the best ways to get around the city quickly and efficiently.

Is it safe to live in Bangkok?

Bangkok is generally a safe city to live in, with low levels of violent crime. However, like any big city, there are certain areas that can be less safe than others, and it’s important to take necessary precautions.

What are some popular expat neighborhoods in Bangkok?

Some of the most popular expat neighborhoods in Bangkok include Thonglor, Ekkamai, and Phrom Phong. These areas offer a mix of western amenities and Thai culture.

What is the cost of living in Bangkok?

The cost of living in Bangkok can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle and where you choose to live. However, in general, it’s much cheaper than living in many western cities, and you can find affordable housing, food, and entertainment options.


Bangkok’s top neighborhoods are those mentioned above. Long-term visitors who want to experience what it’s like to live in Bangkok but still want to see the sights and attractions the city has to offer will find these locations to be perfect. 

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