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Smiling happy people, astounding beaches, culinary delights to get your tastes buds watering at every corner. You have just visited Thailand for the first time and now you have returned home, you want to do everything you can to make Thailand your home. So when you turn on your laptop and search for buying property...


Thai embassies around the world have begun posting an update regarding the information for foreigners travelling to Thailand from 1st April to 30th September 2021. If the sanctions work and the cases continue to reduce, we can expect the borders to Thailand to fully reopen from the 1st October. Whilst their are still restrictions in...

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BRANDED RESIDENCES BANGKOK There is an increasing trend in the luxury property market in Bangkok. Why have the confidence levels been rising for branded residences? There has been further popularity in leasehold purchases over freehold, but more on that in upcoming articles.   THE CONCEPT The concept of branded residences began back in 1927 when...

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A new initiative is arriving to Thailand. With the ongoing compulsory two-week quarantine for coronavirus means that guests to the country can now spend that time on super luxury yachts. The governments new 1.8 billion baht initiative is aimed at reviving the countries struggling tourism industry. With the announcement in December regarding golf tourism, this...

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BANGKOK REOPENING There is amassing positivity and excitement buzzing around Bangkok property market. Rumours are rife and spreading with more credence daily surrounding the prospect of after one year, Thailand will be reopening. Already lock down measures have been lifted to near normal levels of life around the city. Whilst temperatures are still checked and...

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A newly authorised, government approved scheme has been added to the list of places to quarantine in Thailand. While the quarantine forced on many has been seen to have a huge impact on the number of arrivals to Thailand, making quarantine as palatable as possible of course makes sense. Whilst everyone including the Government is...

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The riverside area in Bangkok is a blend of the historic original city and the central modern city. Creating a vibrant atmosphere with a multitude of facilities and a range of accommodation including branded residences, serviced apartments, condominiums and 5 star hotels. The riverside Bangkok offers a sanctuary for your soul coupled with exceptional quality...

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NPP Realty and Consultants have been watching the market closely especially during the impact of Covid-19. Even before the pandemic, property demand was weakening in Thailand for the middle or lower segments, despite rental income on luxury condominiums offering attractive yields. With Thailand having currently contained the Covid situation, business has resumed to near normal levels although...

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New trends have been emerging in recent months as noticed by realty experts at NPP Consultants. The new trends have affected the commercial and residential property acquisition markets, directing new markets and more open negotiations and opportunities for developers, landlords and tenants. A new direction in the commercial side has included a shift towards revenue...